Building Development Project

In February 2011, Guildford Baptist Church Members voted to proceed with a phased redevelopment of the Millmead Centre, which was constructed in 1972, more than 40 years ago.

Phase One is now complete, with the replacement of the roof to the main Auditorium.

In February 2012, members voted overwhelmingly to proceed with Phase Two of the Project, which is a more thorough redevelopment of the site. For more details of the plans and process please visit the dedicated website: If you need to know the passwords for this site, please contact the Church Office for further information.

If you wish to give towards the Project please download the various documents and information here.

On July 22nd 2013, the contractors moved onto the site. If you want to see the latest information on how the Millmead Centre is affected in terms of access, then please click here to download.

Here are contact details for your friendly Project Team:

Colin Henry MBE

Project Manager

Graham Ball

Centre Manager

Anna Cheah

General & Structural

John Feltham


Tim Wears

IT/AV & Communication 


Click here for a series of photo galleries showing the work in progress

 The Architects have developed an animation of the designs for the new Millmead Centre, which you may see below:

And here that architects have created a gallery of still images of how the Centre might look:

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