20s & 30s Group

For many, their 20s to 30s is a time of many firsts and a transition from the safety and comfort of home or university to the harsh reality of the ‘outside’ world. Whether starting a career, gaining financial independence, getting married, starting a family or moving to a different city, this time can be daunting. It can be important at these stages in life for young adults to feel connected to a local community as many may not have family living near by or may be new to the area.  

The aim of our 20s & 30s Group is to create opportunities for young adults to meet other Christians going through similar situations, to offer spiritual support and guidance, and to create an environment where people feel welcome and accepted as part of a community. We host a variety of social events throughout the year from summer BBQs to film nights to weekends away

Take a look below at the social events we have coming up:




8 September 2013

Pub Lunch

12.30pm at the Britannia, next door to the Church

12 October 2013

Quiz Night

7.00pm Millmead Centre Games Hall 

10th November 2013

Tea and Cakes

4.00pm at the home of Nick and Gemma Finch, Hedgeways, South Road Guildford GU2 9NY

15 December 2013

Bring and Share
Christmas Lunch

1.00pm at the home of Jo and Ivan Sellen, 
46 Manor Way, Onslow Village, Guildford, GU2 7RP 

Bring and share lunch so please
contact Deborah deborah.thompson259@gmail.com or Helena hcudek@gmail.com about the food.

3-5 January 2014

Weekend Away

Basingstoke Country House Hotel

A downloadable booking form is available here 

Please print and complete as indicated

2nd February 2014

Pub Lunch

12 noon at the Britannia, next door to the Church
8th March 2014

Saturday Brunch

10.00am at the home of Jo and Ivan Sellen, 
46 Manor Way, Onslow Village, Guildford, GU2 7RP 

5th April


7.00pm at Guildford Spectrum. Please contact Deborah Thompson to sign up.
5th May 2014

Bank Holiday Walk and Picnic

15th June 2014

Pub Lunch

12 noon at the Britannia, next door to the Church.

12th July 2014

Summer BBQ



For more information please contact Deborah deborah.thompson259@gmail.com or Helena hcudek@gmail.com or go to the Facebook page

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