Millmead Men’s Group

Many men find our culture confusing and struggle to identify their role and significance in life. The Men’s Group provides an informal environment for all ages to meet, get to know one another better and explore topics relevant to men’s needs.

We have an 8.15am breakfast on the first Saturday in the month at Wetherspoons located in the centre of Guildford. Our aim is to cover a series of related topics using a short presentation from the front, interspersed with two or three break-out sessions around the tables for discussion. This pattern has proved to be enormously beneficial as it gives everyone who comes the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams and life-issues, and receive encouragement and prayer. 

We also organise walks followed by breakfast, evening socials, and a cross-church platform with keynote speakers to bring together men from other churches in the town.

Our heartbeat is to challenge, strengthen and inspire men in their life-journey together


Autumn 2014 Programme (NB: Meet at Wetherspoons, Guildford for 8.15am on the first Saturday of the month, except public holiday weekends or as advertised)

Oct 4

Speaker: Rob May

Topic: Importance of Character

Nov 1

Speaker: Lorimer Burns

Topic: The Awkwardness of Feelings

Dec 6

Speaker: Mike Stubbs

Topic: Life’s Regrets


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