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Ian Stackhouse

What is 'A Company of Preachers'?

A Company of Preachers is a loose connection of men and women who are all keen to promote the importance of preaching at a time when this activity has received such a bad press in the UK, and also to develop their own preaching skills. This Church hosted a conference under this banner in the summer of 2005 and then also in June 2007 (details here); additionally there has been a number of Saturday breakfasts for people within easy reach of Guildford with the aim of focusing on a number of specific issues on the subject of preaching, e.g. the Authority of Scripture; Narrative Preaching; Homiletic Skills etc.



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Saturday July 19th, 2014
9.30am to 4.30pm

‘Preaching the Offence of the Cross to our Culture ’

In part, this day came about as a result of a publication of 'Text Message: The Centrality of Scripture in Preaching', co-edited by Ian Stackhouse and Dr Oliver Crisp. which was launched on the day. But we thought that rather than simply have a book launch, we should put together a day conference in which we reflect on some of the themes of the book (which we shall cover mainly in the afternoon seminars), as well as a theme that has particular importance for preaching at this time.

Dave Hansen from the United States agreed to come and to address us on the subject Preaching the Offence of the Cross to Our Culture. He writes: ‘Squarely in the middle of the Good News stands the cross, a life-giving, polemical, theological symbol, necessary to truly Christian preaching. However, we live in a day in which the cross has become, for many inside and outside of the church, an inert, commonplace token. To preach it effectively today, we need to re-animate the scandal that it was in New Testament times. In so doing, we release its power to offend, save, renew, and realign our lives with the call of Christ.’

In thirty-five years of full-time ministry, Dave Hansen has pastored churches in rural, upper-middle class and high crime, urban settings. He is the author of the best-selling The Art of Pastoring: Ministry without All the Answers (IVP) and Long, Wandering Prayer (BRF).

For the programme, please click here

For more details on the content of the seminars please click here

A CD is available to purchase containing all the sessions in mp3 format, at a cost of £10.

For more information and to order a copy of the CD please contact Anika Wilson on her email anika.wilson@guildfordbaptist.org or 01483 790252.

At the breakfast on September 24th 2011, Rev John Woods, from Lancing Tabernacle, led the discussion: Bearing Witness - How Tom Long has helped me to listen to and preach God’s truth.

John has kindly allowed us to put his notes here, available for you to download.

For more on Tom Long you can click here.


Saturday June 13th, 2009

Phil Greenslade - 'Treasures Old and New'

Ian Stackhouse with Karen Case-Green - 'Tell it Slant'

CDs (both audio and mp3 recordings) of the sessions are available to order via the CD order form which you can download by clicking here. More information available from Sara Sims on sara.sims@guildfordbaptist.org or on 01483 790252

At the breakfast on May 13th, 2007 Ian spoke about 10 tips for preachers as they prepare to give a Sunday sermon. Click here and a new window will open for you to see them.

At the breakfast on November 8th, 2008 Stuart Reid spoke on 12 tips to put life into your preaching. Click here and a new window will open for you to see them.

Extract from 'Soul Food: Nourishing Poems for Starved Minds'

The Priest in the Pulpit

David Scott

Will it last, this opening of the heart
to the Word, or will the new ways,
the film, the television, the e-mail,
dislodge us from the art of oratory?
Climbing the steps, taking off the paper clip,
remembering not to put it in my mouth,
the text, the Greek, the joke, the text again,
all this, O God, you know, as well as asking you
to make all things, especially the haste,
Respectable. As the spiral notebooks rust
along the shelves, who knows how a word
in the thickest of the sermon’s stickiest part,
might just have winged its way into the heart
of one young stranger there, and taken roost.

Contact us at preachers@guildfordbaptist.org for more information about 'A Company of Preachers'.

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