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With his charteristic original thinking, Philip Greenslade expounds on Christ's messages from the mounts, the 'voice from the hills', and reveals the profound connection between the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus' seven 'words' from the cross; between Jesus' call to holiness and His crucifixion. You will be challenged and empowered by the Holy Spirit afresh as you understand why 'it takes nothing less than the cross of God's Son to implement in us the Sermon on the Mount'.
"Richard Lischer is a master of words who has been mastered by the Word. With eloquent verbal precision and self-evident love for the homiletical vocation, with cruciform Lutheran theology and gentle Midwestern wit, he recalls us to the chief end of preaching." Wiliam H Willimon, bishop, North America Conference of the United Methodist Church.
'Why do so many preachers make the most exciting news in the world sound so boring? That is the question that drives this unusual book. In a series of honest, personal and humorous letters the author also asks, 'What will it take to inspire really great preaching for the 21st century?' Always iconoclastic; sometimes irreverent, occasionally poignant, and unfailingly entertaining, Boyd-MacMillan brings twenty years of preaching experience on three continents to produce an exhilarating roadmap for the preacher in the coming century.
"Michael Knowles' incisive recovery of Paul's theology of ministry is an important, even risky reminder of our cruciform - 'Christoform' - identity in the midst of a consumer culture that constantly threatens to deform our mission and message acccording to its own standards for success. This is a thoroughly humiliating read for preachers, in the most transformative sense of the word." André Resner, Hood Theological Seminary

Here are some recommended books for preachers:

We Preach not Ourselves Explosive Preaching The End of Words Voice from the Hills





All of the above are available from www.amazon.co.uk

If you would like to recommend books that you have read recently on the subject of preaching, please let us know at preachers@guildfordbaptist.org

Derek Tidball, Principal of London School of Theology, has just published a list of Bible commentaries for each book of the Bible to help preachers as they prepare their sermons. You can find the link here: http://www.lst.ac.uk/bookshop/biblecommentaries.php

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