Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored gives you time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ.

Over 7 weeks, guests will journey through the Gospel of Mark exploring the identity, mission and call of Jesus – who he is, why he came and what it means to follow him. There is plenty of time to ask questions and discuss the claims of Jesus and their implications for our lives. The basic structure of each evening is simple: 

  • an informal meal or snack, a short Bible study, a talk (either “live” or from the DVD)
  • a discussion based on the talk 

After completing  the Christianity Explored Course in the autumn of 2013, we will be holding a Launch Supper on Wednesday February 12th 2014, before running a repeat of this course. Farsi and Mandarin speakers will be catered for. Alongside this there will be two other follow-on courses:

       1.  Moving On: a series of informal evenings for people who are interested to learn about Jesus and Christian beliefs

      2.  That’s a Good Question: a series of stand-alone evenings which consider various topics about Christian belief and behaviour. The topics covered and their recordings are listed below:

Feb 19 Science and religion – is there any conflict? Andy Kittow mp3 slides
Feb 26 How do we know there is a God? Justin Brierley mp3 slides 
Mar 5 When bad things happen to good people? Ian Stackhouse mp3 slides 
Mar 12 How did it all start – chance or design?  Tim Wears mp3 slides
Mar 19 Christianity and other religions – which is the right one?  Mike Griffiths  mp3   slides
Mar 26 Is there life after death? What does the Bible teach?  Derek Wensley  mp3  slides
Mar 29 Is there a supernatural world? What about miracles? Derek Wensley mp3  slides
  Can we trust the Bible? Are the Gospels reliable? Murray Salisbury  n/a   
  Why and how do Christians pray? Why do Christians belong to a Church? Pam Robertson mp3   
 Apr 2 Christianity and Sexuality – is there any conflict? Ian Stackhouse  mp3   slides 

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