Shaped by the Word

In the first few centuries the church took the task of evangelising and initiating people into the Christian faith very seriously. In some cases the process lasted up to three years, culminating in baptism.

Whilst in our own setting we may not want to delay baptism for that long, we do also want to take seriously our charge to make disciples. Hence, we are seeking to develop at Millmead something akin to a catechumate: namely a year-round programme of instruction and mentoring in the Christian faith, in which we seek to make connections between faith, worship, work and everyday life.

Shaped by the Word has spent a number of years running biblical study courses looking at both the Old and New Testaments using material from the London School of Theology. Then in September 2012, the Church has offered something new in the form of an introductory course to the world of biblical hermeneutics. Biblical hermeneutics is about how we interpret the Bible and its different kinds of writing seeking to understand what the Bible means for us today. The course looked at all the major literary genres in the Bible while also addressing many of the major challenges that face the modern biblical interpreter. The material for this course was adapted from material produced by Spurgeon’s College, London.

We have recently introduced a course giving a basic introduction to Christian theology. The aim is to help students to develop a framework for healthy theological reflection in our contemporary culture. In doing this we hope we will understand how, as the Christian church, we can continue to act and speak truthfully in a rapidly changing world. This was to have been held from September 2014, but owing to a lack of numbers, the course has now been postponed to 2015.

The cost is £40 which includes all material books and lunch on the Saturday teaching day. There are 20 spaces for students (first come, first served). Please contact if you would like to join this course.

24 Sept What is Theology?
1 Oct The Task of Theology
8 Oct How do we do theology?
15 Oct Starting with Scripture 1
22 OCt Starting with Scripture 2
29 Oct Break

Saturday 1 November
9.30am – 4.00pm

1. Tradition and Heritage
2. Gospel and Culture
3. Case Study
4. Bringing it all together

5 Nov Models of Theological Reflection
12 Nov Making Connections
19 Nov Theology in Today’s Culture
26 Nov Bringing it all together


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