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Brief Project History

In February 2011, The church voted to start a phased redevelopment of the Millmead Centre. The project was split into four phases, as shown below:

Phase Description Status
Phase 1 Roof over auditorium Complete
Phase 2 Extended 2nd floor, all roof areas, 2 new stair cases, lift, chapel, external cladding, new electrical and mechanical services Complete
Phase 3A 1st floor meeting rooms, breakout area and toilets (except over games room), and cladding Complete
Phase 3B New 1st floor meeting room over games room, windows to ground floor games room, cladding to north and east elevations Complete
Phase 4 Ground floor toilets, disabled wet room, kitchen, stores, dining space, plus auditorium lantern, windows and external cladding, Auditorium, foyer, front extension, landscaping Pending
(see current status)


Project Management

Day-to-day management of the project has been delegated to a Project Team made up of members of the church and headed by Colin Henry, our Project Manager. The Project Team liaise with the Design Team, comprising: architects, re-format; main contractor, Caldera Construction; Quantity Surveyor, Ian Ford; M&E consultants, KUT and various specialist consultants. Throughout the project, the Project Team have intentionally engaged with church ministry groups and other users of the building to make sure the spaces created allow our various ministries to flourish. The team are available to chat to church groups or individuals at any time.

Colin Henry MBE

Project Manager

Graham Ball

Centre Manager

Anna Cheah

General & Structural

John Feltham


Tim Wears

AV & IT Infrastructure

Ian Stackhouse

Pastoral Leader


Current Project Status

Until recently, the proposal from the Project Team was to split Phase 4 into two: Phase 4A (Ground floor toilets, disabled wet room, kitchen, stores, dining space, plus auditorium lantern, windows and external cladding) - with a targeted start date of 2018, and Phase 4B (Auditorium, foyer, front extension, landscaping) - with an unspecified target start date, but to be started as soon after Phase 4A as possible. ( Click here for a PowerPoint presentation detailing the Phase 4A and 4B works.)

In a slight change to the above plans, it was decided that the Auditorium lantern - which was leaking - would be treated as a separate mini project, and completed as soon as funds became available. This work was completed during the summer of 2018.


New Financial Proposal for Phase 4

In a departure from the previous plan, the Elders and the Project Team are now recommending that the remaining work is completed as one, single phase, supported by a loan of £1.6m from the Baptist Union Corporation. This approach has significant benefits in terms of time, cost and disruption to church life. These benefits are outlined in a short PowerPoint presentation and detailed in a financial briefing paper, available for download below.

Presentation of Proposed Phase 4 Finances (originally shown at Sept 2018 Church Meeting)

Financial Briefing Paper (originally e-mailed to Church Members in early Oct 2018)

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Vision and Scope of Phase 4

Phase 4 completes the project by completely redeveloping and extending the ground floor, providing new kitchen, eating, welcoming, gathering and worship spaces. It also includes the redevelopment of our outside spaces, providing a better connection with the river and the town. The scope of works is shown in the presentation, below.

Presentation on Scope of Phase 4 (first shown at open meeting on 18th Oct)


This 6-min video from Ian Stackhouse, our senior pastor, shows how the redeveloped spaces on the first and second floors have already enabled ministries to thrive, and goes on to address the urgent need to redevelop the ground floor. (Please note that this video - produced in 2017 - references Phases 4A and 4B. As described above, the current proposal is for single, combined Phase 4.)


Below are some architect's Images of the completed Phase 4. Click on a thumbnail for an expanded view.







Animation of new spaces

In 2012 the Architects created an animation that moves you through the building. Whilst some details of the design have now changed, it still provides a good understanding of the spaces when considered with the images above.


If you wish to give towards the Project please click here for more information.

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