Notes on books which Ian Stackhouse has written or contributed to:

The first book in the 'Deep Church' series, entitled The Gospel-Driven Church, published in 2004has been reviewed on many websites. Here are some links:

Published in May 2008, The Day is Yours is a protest against the culture of speed both in the culture at large, but also, more ominously, in the church itself. Rooted in the monastic liturgy of the hours, The Day is Yours argues that in order for Christians to act as a truly prophetic witness, in a time of cultural decadence, they must recover a more biblical rhythm in which work, rest, relationships, worship and prayer are held together in creative tension. Its central thrust is that living one day at a time with gratitude and contentedness is vital, lest the church capitulates to the distractedness of modern life.


If you would like to read a review of this book please click on the link below:

The latest title - Primitive Piety: A Journey from Suburban Mediocrity to Passionate Christianity was published in October 2012.

To read a review, click here.

Stackhouse_Crisp.TextMessage.76732 Preaching has fallen on hard times with many questioning its relevance and even its validity as a New Testament practice. This symposium of specially commissioned essays draws together an international team of thirteen scholars and pastors to address the importance of textual preaching in the history and life of the early church, the historic church, and the contemporary church. Contributions include essays on Old Testament preaching, preaching in Hebrews, gender-sensitive preaching, preaching in the theology of Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and in Eastern Orthodoxy. It also includes essays on a range of homiletical challenges that textual preaching raises for the contemporary preacher, including genre, preaching without notes, inhabiting the text, and preaching without platitudes. A final reflection by Dave Hansen on the state of textual preaching rounds out the collection.

The preaching of the gospel stands at the heart of Christian praxis. These essays make a vital contribution to the recovery of the importance of preaching, focused on the text of Scripture. Written with an eye to the pastor and practitioner as well as those in the pews and in the classroom, this is a book that should appeal to a wide range of readers.

prayingpsalms In Praying Psalms Ian Stackhouse offers daily reflections on all 150 psalms. In so doing, he seeks to alert the reader to the sheer emotional range of the Psalter in the hope that this will give courage to pray bold, honest prayers. Indeed, Praying Psalms is best used not as a commentary but a basic primer for anyone wanting to encounter the psalms in all their rawness and vitality. Whether in small groups settings or private prayer, and whether in sequence or in random selection, Praying Psalms is a confident reassertion of the central place of the Psalter in Christian spirituality.

" Ian Stackhouse has done something wonderful in writing this book, proving that “less is more”. No doubt from his many years of “praying the psalms” Ian could easily have written a whole book about each one, and they would all be fascinating, full of depth and profound insights. But Ian has not fallen for that temptation but rather offers us some simple thoughts with each Psalm, in such a way as to whet our appetite to go back to those familiar scriptures and study them again for ourselves, but this time realising that hitherto we have scarcely begun to discover their depth and wisdom."


Ian has also contributed to the second book in the 'Deep Church' series Remembering our Future.

‘Charismatic Utterance: Preaching as Prophecy’ in The Future of Preaching, edited by Geoffrey Stevenson in 2010. ‘Catechesis and Baptism’ in Forming Christian Habits in Post-Christendom: A Legacy of Alan and Eleanor Kreider, edited by James Krabill and Stuart Murray.

Guildford Baptist Church had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak in person during a Conference hosted by the Church in 2006.

'Christian Pastoral Reflections on Lamentations’ in Great is Thy Faithfulness? Towards Reading Lamentations as Holy Scripture, edited by Robin Parry and Heath Thomas in 2011.

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