Women's Breakfasts at Millmead

You are warmly invited to our meetings for women at Millmead. The group is for women of all ages and stages of life who attend Guildford Baptist Church, as well as their friends. Its purpose is to encourage and affirm women to become all that God created us to be, with our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.

We meet together to share perspectives as Christian women, to consider what Scripture has to say about issues that affect us, to worship God, to make new friends and catch up with existing ones and to pray for one another. We find that we have much to learn from one another, with each of us bringing a unique experience of life.


Meetings are on Saturday mornings, from 9.45 am - 12 noon, starting with continental breakfast.


Here is the current programme of events

Audio recordings of the past talks can be found here 

27 January 2018
The Meaning of Father: Heart of God
for Iranian Women
Nadia Masoumi

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Nadia became a Christian when she moved to London 12 years ago. Alongside her husband, she now serves full time at Elam Ministries, with a particular focus on
ministering to Iranian women and teaching them about their unique worth in Christ.
10 March 2018 From Doctor to Director of JustCards Direct  Anne Horrobin
22 September 2018
Wisdom for Women
God has so much to offer us as women, as we’ll see
from looking at some Biblical role models
Anne Coles

Anne is on the leadership team of New Wine, with
special responsibility for women. With her husband,
John, Anne has been involved in ministry for 29 years
at St Barnabus Church, N. London and now in a
simple community church meeting in a home.
3 November 2018
When there seems to be no hope -
there is one Hope
Atena Sameria

Atena leads a group of Iranian women based in St
Barnabus Church, London
 1 December 2018  "Whatever..."  Sharon Anson

Sharon is co-Director of Grassroots Trust, which
works with churches in Tanzania and Kenya,
sponsoring over 2,500 children.

If you would like to attend any of these meetings, for which there is a £2 charge on the day, please speak to Anna Cheah, Christine Hirsch, Sue Edyvean, Carolyn Burton, Chris Moore, Linda Lim, Lucy Tristram or contact Christine at  chirsch@btopenworld.com, or telephone 01483 575557

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