“Pastorates” are what we call our network of mid-week small groups.

They are the place where we share our lives together with people we are growing to know and love so that we can become stronger Christians whatever we face in our lives. They vary in size (from 5 or 6 to 35 or 36!) and form the primary place for people to build relationships within the church.

They are the first place to go for pastoral care when people need help and we therefore encourage everyone (whether you are a member or not) to be part of one. Most of them meet fortnightly on a Thursday evening but some meet weekly on a Wednesday evening. They may vary a bit in style but will include Bible study and prayer, sharing needs together and having fun together, singing together and caring for one another.

People are normally connected to the group that is geographically nearest to them although sometimes this is not practical.

If you would like to know more then contact any of the people mentioned below, or the Church Office.

Rachel White
Nick and Cathy Walden
Tormead Road and Boxgrove
Richard and Fi Catchpole
Martin and Clare Brunet
North West Guildford 
Graham Brown
(point of contact)
Merrow Park
Murray and Jenny Farrant Southern Villages
Lorimer and Amanda Burn West Central
Bill and Maggie Nelson Farnham and Fleet
John  and Jo Overington Farncombe and Godalming
Robert and Ruth Morley Woking 
Shirl Siddaway Bellfields
Peter and Chris Jackson Waiting on God
Paul Ratcliffe

Sophie Mogford-Revess

North Guildford 1
Ian Butcher and Paul Hudson North Guildford 2
Veronica Denny (point of contact)

John Selves (2nd point of contact)

Rydes Hill
Alan and Heather Packwood Stoughton
Mark and Lindsay Brightwell
Ed and Deborah Thompson
Guildford Park 
Kate Clarke (coordinator) Guildford Town Centre
Derek and Gerry Wensley Onslow
Philip Wai Guildford Chinese Christian Fellowship (Mandarin speaking)
Margaret Stubbs Tuesday Bible Study Group
Ruth Cheah Young Adults and Students
Crystal Chan Cornerstone/ University of Surrey Chinese Christian Fellowship (Cantonese Speaking)
Karen Case-Green Las Amigas

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