Whatever your age, your outlook, your background or your beliefs, we hope that there is something for you at Guildford Baptist Church. Here we have a dedicated youth team of amazing volunteers and staff, so why not have a read and find out a bit about us, what makes us tick and what we are up to that you could be involved in:

Who we are!

Youth Pastor - Chris Toms

Abbie Poole - Youth Worker

A team of 30 Volunteers

Everyone involved has signed up to the Churches Child Protection Policy and been CRB checked


Youth Groups

We have a number of different groups that meet regularly and focus on a variety of things - sometimes discipleship, worship, or teaching, or a space where young people can come and hang out in a place to call their own. At the core of all these groups lies an emphasis on our values of discipleship, community and mission.





Whether it's a place to have some fun or to explore the Christian faith we hope to have somewhere that you may feel comfortable in trying out.

SUNDAY Wired (sch years 6 & 7) Morning Service 10am - 11.30am
  Wired Up (Sch years 8-11) Morning Service 10am - 11.30am
  Open House - a social after the evening service at the Centre
or someone's house (till 10pm, for 14+)


TUESDAY Youth Band, fortnightly, 7pm - 8.30pm.
From 8pm the band joins with the rest of the worship teams for a time of
worship together. To lead people in worship we must first be worshippers.


FRIDAY Millimeads (Sch years 6-7) 6.30pm - 8pm
  Wired Up (Sch years 8-11) 8pm - 10pm


PODs (Places of Discipleship) 

  • These are small, single sex groups that meet regularly, usually bi-weekly, and stay together until 6th Form age where the groups merge. The same leaders stay with the group throughout to provide consistent support through the adolescent years.
  • POD Altogether is an evening where we bring all the POD groups together, usually for food and a particular focus (in the past this has been church life, creative worship, or prayer).
Recently one of the PoD groups went on a sponsored cycle ride along the Downs Link to Shoreham (35 miles) to raise money for the Building Project.
Here are some of the photos:




Would you like to spend a year serving in the Youth/Children's department here at the Church? Or perhaps you know someone who could be interested? It's a great opportunity to put your faith into action and really make a difference in the church community. We are now open for applications for this September 2015.

If you're looking for a gap year where you can:

Experience life in a new community or be part of our church community in a new way.

Participate in Children’s, Youth or Worship ministry in a lively and supportive church.

Innovate and get really creative in serving God, and allow time for Him to speak to you about your future.

Communicate the gospel, and God’s love to others in practical ways whilst deepening your own faith.

Then please click HERE

Contact Chris at youth@guildfordbaptist.org / call us on 01483 575008 for more info.




Children & Youth team blog-


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Reports from Summer Events and Outreach

Some of our youngsters have written reports on the events in which they have taken part:


General Information Sheet

Please download and complete a form for each of your youngsters that attends GBC, and then return it to the Youth Office

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