Acts 2:46 – They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.


From the very beginning Jesus encouraged table fellowship. He was known for ‘eating with tax collectors and sinners.’ So it should be no surprise that the earliest Christians imitated their Lord by eating together in their homes. Breaking bread together is also, no doubt, a reference to the Lord’s supper, whereby they remembered the central events of salvation. But if we think all this was a sombre affair, we are wrong. The thing that characterised it all was joy and happiness. With glad and sincere hearts, says Luke, not dour and sincere hearts, they come together in each other’s home. After all, what lies at the heart of our faith is resurrection hope. Why would we not be glad?


Prayer: Thank you Lord that your sacrifice is not meant to make me morbid but overwhelmingly glad in your abundant mercy.