Acts 1:14 – They all joined together constantly in prayer.


I think it was Martin Thornton, an Anglican priest in the 1950s, who said you can get Christians to do just about anything: volunteer for activities, join committees, even give money to the church. The one thing you can’t get Christians to do very easily, he argued, is to pray. How remarkable then that the first thing the apostles did on returning to Jerusalem was to seek the upper room, join their hearts together, and pray to God. You’d have thought they would be ‘champing at the bit,’ anxious to get on with their mandate to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel. After all, they’ve just seen Jesus ascend into heaven, exalted to the place of all authority. What are they waiting for? Good question! Except that Jesus had told them not to leave Jerusalem but wait for the gift his Father promised. We will do well to heed this command, and follow the example of the apostles. Otherwise – as many of us have discovered only too well – our eagerness will amount to nothing.


Prayer: I realise Lord that some things in this life as so huge they cannot be tackled by eagerness alone. More than ever we need the empowerment of your Spirit. Amen.