Acts 1:5 – For John baptised with water, but in a few days you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit.


This meal with the Risen Jesus, described here at the beginning of Acts, is not the first time the apostles had heard of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Back in Luke 3:16 John the Baptist himself set up the contrast between what he was offering in water and what Jesus would give by the Spirit. Later in Acts 11:16 Peter will allude to the very same saying in order to explain the coming of the Spirit upon the Gentiles. And it’s not that water baptism ceases to be important now that Jesus is here, anymore than the word baptism can possibly sum up all that God wants to give to us by his Spirit. Not at all. Converts to Jesus get baptised, and Luke, not to mention Paul, uses many words and many different images to describe God’s empowering presence in the life of a believer. But why baptism is perhaps one of the most popular to describe the gift of the Spirit, and why Jesus uses it here, is because, like baptism in water, God wants to thoroughly immerse us in his power: not just a trickle; not just a thimble full; but a proper drenching – a deluge. Anything less is not going to be sufficient for what God wants to accomplish through his church.


Prayer: Lord, help me to settle for nothing less than an overwhelming experience of your power and love. Fill me today with your Spirit.