Acts 1:18-19 – With the payment he received for his wickedness, Judas bought a field.’


One more thought before we leave chapter 1 and enter the world of Pentecost: the way in which Luke interprets the fall of Judas. In Matthews’s gospel we have a slightly different angle – a Judas who is almost repentant for his wickedness. Here in Luke we have not even a suggestion. Rather, a Judas who is obsessed with the need to possess, and willing to sell his master in order to purchase a field. For those who have journeyed with Jesus through Luke’s gospel, the ironies abound. And for those who read on into Acts, Judas’ greed will become even more stark; because central to a life of discipleship is the ability to travel lightly. Indeed, the miracle of Pentecost, as we shall see, is not just the tongues of fire but the fact that nobody claimed their possessions as their own (Acts 2:41-47).


Prayer: Gracious Father, help me to live free of acquisitiveness, so that my place may not end up deserted, like Judas, but glorious, like Jesus.