Acts 2:14 – Then Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd:


The word Luke uses to describe the utterance given to Peter to preach the gospel is the same word to describe the utterance in tongues earlier on. In short: the Holy Spirit who enabled 120 believers to praise God in other languages is the same Holy Spirit who enables Peter to now preach what is generally regarded as the first Christian sermon – which includes passages of scripture and interpretation. Which all goes to show, as R.T. Kendall once pointed out, that preaching, which happens a lot in Acts, is no less, or should be regarded as no less a charismatic activity than prophecy and tongues. That we don’t regard it this way is sometimes because the preacher is dull; or sometimes because we are dull. But at its best preaching is ‘intelligence on fire.’


Prayer: Lord, for all those called to preach the scriptures, may you put fire in their belly. And may our churches ever be open to signs and wonders following, alongside, or even before. Amen.