We run two Bereavement Support Groups each month. The adult loss group meets on the first Wednesday of the month and the Snowdrop baby and child loss group meets on the third Wednesday of the month. Both groups meet in the Hub (second floor) from 10.00 – 11.30am. You can click here to see the flyer.


We meet individually with anyone who needs additional support outside of these support groups.


We run in-depth 7-week Bereavement Journey Courses which look at attachment, separation and loss, and how this is linked to grief. We also look at the painful feelings of grief, how to deal with them, coping with change, and moving forward. Our final session is on faith, where we discuss topics such as: ‘Why does God allow suffering?’, ‘Why does God answer or not answer prayers?’, and the afterlife. This course is run twice a year.

The dates for our next Bereavement Journey Course are 7th June – 19th July 2023. For further details, click here to read the flyer. You can sign up at: www.guildfordbaptist.org/bjc.


If you would like more information about the support groups or the Bereavement Journey Course, please contact Sheryl Roy: bereavement@guildfordbaptist.org.

What is grief?


Grief is the anguished response to a significant loss which is usually the death of a loved one. It is emotional suffering, and you may experience this as difficult and unexpected emotions of profound sadness, shock, disbelief, anger and guilt. These emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming and scary. The intensity of these emotions can make you feel like you are going mad, or cause you to question your religious beliefs. They may affect your sleeping pattern, eating habits, and you may feel like you cannot think straight or focus on anything much. These are normal reactions to loss. Grieving is emotionally exhausting and you may feel very tired without having done much physically.


Grieving is not a linear process, it is full of ups and downs, very much like a rollercoaster. We all respond differently to grief and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. The grieving process takes time and there is no timeframe for healing, as this happens gradually.