The Lifeboat Trust is a registered charity (separate from Millmead). Its purpose is to assist individuals/families within Millmead who are in significant financial difficulties, providing loans or gifts as agreed with the trustees.


The Lifeboat Trust works closely with the Millmead Money Management Team.


The Lifeboat Trust is financed by gifts from the Millmead community, and by repayment of existing loans. We have also set aside money from within the Lifeboat Trust for our Energy Fund. Anyone within the Millmead family who is struggling to pay energy bills this winter can request a £300 gift. There is no form to fill in, and the process is confidential. Simply email:


To give to the Lifeboat Trust, please use the following details:


The Millmead Financial Trust



Please mark your gift as ‘Energy Fund’ if you wish to give to this part of the Lifeboat Trust.



If you are a UK taxpayer, pleased consider filling in a gift aid form (click here). (As the Lifeboat Trust is a separate charity from Millmead, you do need to fill in a separate gift aid form.)