Prayer After Sunday Services

We have a prayer team available on Sunday mornings and evenings to pray with you during and after services.

Prayer During the Week

Our Chapel has a weekly and monthly rhythm of prayer, and you would be welcome to join us.

Click here to find out more and to check dates and times.

Appointments During the Week

We have prayer ministers who will meet with you and provide a personal appointment time for you to share and receive prayer with two prayer ministers. This is confidential.

To request an appointment please email this address:

Sound Pictures

Every Second Sunday of the Month, after the morning or evening service (varies), in the Chapel.

Come and have your portrait ‘painted’ with sound. Relax and receive a picture of how God sees you through music.

Healing Hour

Last Tuesday or Sunday of the Month, 8.00–9.00pm, in the Chapel.

It’s a time to come and soak in the presence of Jesus, with gentle background music. People are available to pray with you if you wish. Words and pictures are also available to take away if you want them. This is not a time for lengthy prayer ministry (which can be arranged for another time), this is simply an opportunity to bring the healing of Jesus to your body, soul and spirit.

Prayer Requests

Share a prayer request to be prayed for in daily prayer times in the church during the week.

To share a prayer request, please email with Prayer Request in the Subject Title.


Here are links to some other organisations which provide prayer ministry:

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