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Over the years, music has come to have an important place in the creative life of Guildford Baptist Church, and we have numbers of talented musicians and singers. Different teams help to lead the congregational worship at our Sunday services, but musicians will also be found  in many other areas of Church Life, including small groups and pastorates, Children's Holiday Club, Social Concern, NewFocus, weddings and funerals.

As a Church we love celebrating different dates in the calendar, and music plays a key part in this: in the past we have had a mini Gospel Choir, Children’s Orchestra, String Ensemble, Folk Ensemble.

Dance, too, has enhanced our times of celebration, and one of our members, Anna Henry, is a professional dance tutor with her own company uc

The Youth Band has recently been re-launched by our Youth Worker, Matt Lewis, and has taken its place amongst the teams of musicians who lead worship on Sunday evenings.

If you would like to join the ranks of musicians, singers and dancers, then please, in the first instance, contact our Worship Pastor, Tim Wears.

There are other weekly groups where musical and sung worship takes place, which can help people develop personal worship and reflection:

  • International House of Prayer: every Tuesday (6pm to 10pm) and on occasional Saturdays (10am to 6pm), Jill Hoffmann leads a time of worship joining in with the 24-hour worship being broadcast over the internet from Kansas City
  • Waiting on God - a weekly meeting at the home of Peter and Chris Jackson to include worship, teaching and praying for one another. For more information please speak to Pater and Chris
Guildford Community Gospel Choir 24 hour worship Psalms Evening Easter 2011 

 In addition to all of this there have been a number of projects, ensembles or one-off events initiated by the Church:

  • Guildford Community Gospel Choir
  • 24-Hour Worship Event
  • Psalms Evening
  • Grandpa’s Group
  • Carol Singing
  • Children’s Gospel Choir
  • Mildmay Hospital Outreach
  • Song-writing Classes

For more about what worship means within the life of GBC , please follow this link

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