• Christian marriage is a distinct and unique relationship in the body of Christ.¬†
  • The apostle Paul likens marriage between a husband and wife as unto the mystical relationship between Christ and the church; therefore it should be entered into with due seriousness and reverence.
  • We believe it is important to give the utmost care and attention to the preparation of those considering marriage, and there are procedures for arranging weddings, reflecting good pastoral practice and an important measure of integrity within the fellowship:
The Church is a family and it would be expected that those wishing to be married at GBC would have a relationship with or would be known to the Pastor marrying them.
Couples who are planning to get married need to make an appointment through the Church office to discuss their plans in the first instance with one of the Elders/Pastors.
It would be expected that both partners would be Christian believers.
It is expected that those wishing to get married at GBC would receive marriage preparation in the months prior to the wedding day. It is expected that this would be provided by GBC.
We would strongly encourage relatively short engagements - i.e. no longer than a year to 18 months, and preferably between six months and a year.
The confirmation to conduct a wedding is not normally made until after one or more interviews with the Pastor or Elder.

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