Relationship ministry is being set firmly within the Church calendar, not just for helping married couples but also to a wider group. As a Church we want to encourage relationships that are inclusive and loving.

For further information about getting married at Millmead, please click here.

Matthew 12:46-50 - pointing to His disciples Jesus said "here are my mother and brothers". The church family should be precious to us and we are called to be a family together in the community called the church. We have a blood-tie that joins us, Jesus' shed blood on the Cross, and we share a desire to discover and do the will of God. Of course families have tensions, misunderstandings, good times and bad times; they know joy and despair and they are far from perfect, but as it says in 1 John 4v7: "Dear friends, let us love one another..."

On June 14th 2014, at the Millmead Centre, we shall be holding a Relationships Day entitled

'Relationships: Damaging or Healing?'

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Starting out God's Way

covered by the Children's and Youth work. A key area where we can put in place teaching of God's principles in the area of forming relationships.

Marriage Preparation

offered to all those who are wishing to be married at Guildford Baptist Church. Including ongoing friendship and support in the early years.


covering a wide cross-section of the church family: widow, widowers, single people, lone parents, separated, divorced, those who are the only Christian in their home.

Keeping Marriages Healthy

Courses that we have held over the past 5 years:

  • A one-day retreat called ‘Just4Two’ followed in the evening by ‘Dinner4Two'.
  • A two-day course called ‘Fun & Reflection for the Early Years’
  • A half-day course called ‘The Gap Years’ – looking at the empty nest syndrome. 


A new course of 4 sessions was held in February and March 2012 entitled The Art and Craft of Parenting: Parenting without All the Answers, led by Ian and our Children's and Families' Pastor, Lisa Edwards.

Extended Families

This is a vital part of our role as God's people. There are some wonderful examples of this already within the fellowship of including/welcoming/adopting someone into your family as a Granny, Auntie, Uncle etc. enabling them to share with you all that 'family' means in your home.


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