That's A Good Question

AUTUMN 2014 

If you would like to listen the talks from this course, they can be found below.

Date Talk Title Speaker Link
Oct 1 Leader Rico Tice  mp3
Oct 15 Why are we here? Ian Stackhouse  mp3
Oct 22 How do we know there is a God? Daniel Rogers  mp3
Oct 29  Can we trust the Bible? Are the Gospels reliable? Elizabeth Hodkinson  mp3
Nov 5 Why is there evil? Derek Wensley   mp3
Nov 12 Is Christianity the only way to God? Andrew Wheeler  mp3
Nov 19 Is Britain a Christian country? Bill Nelson  mp3
Nov 22 The Trinity; Who's that about? Karen Case-Green  mp3
Nov 22 Are Heaven and Hell real? Derek Wensley  mp3
Nov 22 Do Angels exist? Colin Brice  mp3
Nov 26 Mere Christianity; What's that? Brian Kirkpatrick  mp3

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