Downloads of Women’s Breakfast Talks

The below talks are recordings from various Women’s Breakfasts at Millmead. To find out more about the Women’s Breakfasts click here.

Please note that for confidentiality and personal reasons, some of the talks may not be available in the public domain.

Date Time Verse Speaker Title    
Feb 20th Other Florence Joseph Journeying with Jesus: Letting go of the past
Date Time Verse Speaker Title    
Dec 5th Other Christine Larkin Daring to Choose Life - a testimony of God’s faithfulness in the midst of fear.
Nov 7th Other Kim Grant Positioning yourself for the future – trusting Father God to lead us into the days ahead
Jan 11th Morning Service Jan Ransom Taking Risks for Jesus
Date Time Verse Speaker Title    
Dec 7th Morning Service Catherine Clark God's Goodness and His Heart for Healing
Oct 5th Morning Service Nina Barker Ears to Hear and Eyes to See
Mar 16th Morning Service Kim Grant A Life Hidden in Christ
Date Time Verse Speaker Title    
Dec 1st Morning Service Sharon Anson "Whatever..." - there is one hope
Nov 3rd Morning Service Atena Sameria When there seems to be no hope - there is one Hope Details
Sep 22nd Morning Service Anne Coles Details
Mar 10th Morning Service Anne Horrobin From Doctor to Director of JustCards Direct
Jan 27th Morning Service Nadia Masoumi The Meaning of Father: Heart of God for Iranian Women Details
Date Time Verse Speaker Title    
Dec 2nd Morning Service Kathleen McAnear-Smith and Fi Stevenson All for Jesus - 2018 Details
Nov 4th Morning Service Catherine Clark The aspects of Sonship